A bitter-sweet Good-Bye to one of my favorite frogs [& a word or 2 about templates]

Hi guys. I know- I don’t keep track of time/events on way of blogging these days, but this called for something… The super ultra fabulous Andrea aka Little Green Frog Designs is closing down her store this Wednesday, 27th of August @ The Scrap Orchard. Yes- I know many of us were stunned by the news and sad too…. but there is a sweet & happy side to this closing, and is the fact that she is closing down to go to University- How many of us make pages & pages about pursuing our dreams, encouraging our sons & daughters to do so? It is commendable that a lady with children and a full life to attend decides to make a move like this, and for it I’m super happy for Andrea and even for ourselves here: we do know now who will be delivering Sarita’s babies!!!! (she is doing midwifery)-

My story with templates isn’t all sweet. I remember in my beginnings, I would frown upon them, even vocalizing (loud, as I do) how I kinda dismissed them as to me it was having the page done for you….until, in one of my string vocalizing moments, Vanessa aka half of ViVa Artistry explained her view, and how interpreting a template isn’t an easy way out when scrapbooking- Vanessa being who she is,I decided to listen to her & had a go- She couldn’t have been more right. I tried- It is NOT easy to get it right. It does, however, make you go into creative ways you wouldn’t ever have thought you could, and you can end up with awesome pages…. that’s how my love affaire with templates started.

Last year at some point I kinda invited Angela aka Angelclaud’s ArtRoom (another superb template designer & amazing lady, mother, friend!) to invite me into her team…to my surprise she did…and, as one does, I posted the news on Facebook- With all the people who came to congratulate me was Andrea, of whom I was already a customer, and I joked about something & other and” if this or that was this or that way I would have been pestering you to take me in your CT”- We had a further chat in which she mentioned she always has a call for guest CT later in the year and encouraged me to apply. I cannot start to put into words how GLAD I am I did. I started my guest spot in the beginning of this year & was then invited to stay. It has been an amazing journey- Andrea is one of the most talented people I know- super nice, kind and fun to be around, and her creativity is limitless (not only on shapes & dimension…have you payed attention to her templates names? !!!!)

I am so proud and delighted to have been part of this team, as together with Andrea came my belonging to a team with so many stars, all of them amazing in their creativity, most of them the ones I aspire to be like…. I know I have mentioned this to some of them, but if I never mention this but you are in Andrea’s team: I most definitely LOVE what you do. All these past months on blogging for Little Green Frog I have come across some of the most amazing pages I have seen in my life, both from CTMs, Guests & customers… it was a marvelous journey and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity. So: she is closing on the 27th which leaves us 3 days to shop… she has the whole store on 50% OFF, which means you get every pack half price- and there is even an offer to buy her store for $100…a very, very small price as the value is of over $1000… Just go have a look and get at least some of these amazing templates before they are all gone….and I promise I will TRY to keep this updated more often- 🙂


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