A little bit about myself…

I’m a Latin in London, that would already give some away. Why did I end up in this cold island only The Forces That Run The Universe (namely God if you prefer it) know, but thing is this is the place that now feels home. I had a career in the performing arts for many, many years, with lots of different professions to support my being on stage, traveled my very fair share of the world and still have a passion for places as much as for food, did you say sushi? I’m there. But we (my daughter & I) will eat the world, providing is not too spicy.

The main drive in my life is my 15 years old daughter for whom I write, scrap, fight my battles everyday. I was born with a double hip dislocation and didn’t walk until aged 5, had 9 operations until aged 8, and then life went pretty much as a challenge to what doctors said to my parents: I wouldn’t be able to dance, climb stairs,ride horses, have children. Well, I prove them wrong. I knew since I was 16 that one day I would need an operation which was then (circa 1974) in experimental stages, but would be routine when I reached the point of need. I was thrilled to be in England when that happened, and that my area had no less than University College of London’s Hospitals and one of the most qualified surgeons in the field….so you can imagine my anger when things went totally wrong and, from an operation that would *bring me back to full time work, give me the hips of an 18 years old girl* to almost a year bed bound, 4 other operations to try fix the initial mistake (and failing miserably), 24/7 pain and an array of medication …but this started in 2003 so now, 10 years on, I have learned quiet a lot, got my positiveness glasses handy most of the time (most of the time, I said…I sometimes lately fail to find them, but still try), and found a hobby which beats the strongest of painkillers, which is my digital scrapbooking. I found an online program called Scrapblog, which doesn’t exist anymore, but was the first and most amazing scrapping home, I learned a lot and then went on to venture in the digi scrapping world and loving this art (or craft if you rather, all semantics) I got to know and even meet in the flesh with some of the most creative women ever.

I started doing Creative Team work [which means we get their products for free, make pages and post them , share them with our digi scrapping friends, a bit like an advertising of their products. We are NOT paid for this work, but get the amazing kits for free. I know some people frown upon us making a fuss with the CT pages, but we want to be in the CT because we were customers and LOVE the products in the first place, nothing changes (at least with the designers I CT for) when we are part of the “family” We are NOT forced to make pages if we don’t like the kits or have nothing to scrap on that theme/color/whatever…so our addvertising comes from the heart..nothing to frown upon:  I receive their products for free in exchange of my pages with them, and the promotion of their stores, but I was a customer in the first place, which means I do this with a passion. I love their products and love them, love their creative talents and their human qualities, and above all I know I can call them FRiends.

So, as I was saying, I started doing CT pages just around Christmas 2009 when, through purchasing kits, I got friendly with one of the designers, Karen Schulz, who not only believed in me when none knew me, gave me an opportunity to CT for her which allowed me to be where I am at now…but also became one of my most loved people in life. You can check her designs and where to buy here at her blog, SnickerDoodleDesigns By Karen 

Lots of water rolled under the bridge during the following months, and I got invited to CT for many other designers as a guest, applied for a call and made it to their permanent team,(after almost loosing confidence with a couple of turning downs) went mad for  bit with so much CTing, was invited to take the lead of one of these teams.

At some point I was in so many CTs I couldn’t think clearly, all these showed me I needed to slow down, downsize , so that was what I did.  After one of my very bad health periods in the end of 2012, I came back to scrapping having reduced the teams to 3: you can find me with Etc by Danyale  @ The DigiChick , with Paula Kesselring Designs  @ Oscraps , with  ViVa Artistry   @ ScrapBookGraphics  &  @ The Digi Dares . Also for a month from the 1st of April (2013) I am proud to be taking a guest spot at the Oscraps  site CT!

There is one place where I don’t CT but love hanging around for the challenges, as there are some rocking designers, that is The LilyPad , I only wish I had more time to be there more often, but here is my gallery there .I’m not sure I can pinpoint to the most complete gallery, as I have taken quiet a liking for challenges and it is almost impossible to post everything in one place, but I would say you can see a lot either at DST DSA  or MSA  ,as they are independent and they all have the same so it’s up to where your loyalties are, just click on the gallery name.

Contrary to most people in this scene, I do not use Photoshop to scrap, but a marvellous, amazing program called Craft Artist Professional by Serif , which does all PSE does but easier. Is through my pages and a bit of writing that I’m intending to leave my daughter a record of our daily lives, one full of laughter, some tears, lots of fighting and lots, lots of art in all it’s forms. This is what you will find in here: an honest account of every day life, maybe some free digi-scrapping stuff from time to time, pages which I hope will inspire you, recommendations which I hope will be useful. Hope you enjoy the journey!







Is through my pages and a bit of writing that I’m intending to leave my daughter a record of our daily lives, one full of laughter, some tears, lots of fighting and lots, lots of art in all it’s forms. This is what you will find in here: an honest account of every day life, maybe some free digi-scrapping stuff from time to time, pages which I hope will inspire you, recommendations which I hope will be useful.

The blog background and banner were made by with Etc by Danyale’s Teenage Life Word Art & Teenage Life Alphas, and Mye De Leon’s Love Bug and Suddenly in Love(collab with Mandy King) Alphas.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

what a strange world….


12 Responses to A little bit about myself…

  1. physioscrapper says:

    This looks fabulous,Cynthia! So you! Love your amazing creativity! Just had to say HI! and that this looks great! 🙂

  2. Thanks Nancy, you are in my heart!!!!

  3. Danyale (gette3) says:

    Love it…such a great hobby to share with friends, isn’t it. I am glad you have something that makes you happy and keeps memories alive. It is a treasure to scrap and know you. 🙂

  4. Lian Sayers says:


    Fab Madam Cyn

  5. Vicky says:

    Hi beautiful !!! so pleased you started to blog gain i’m going to love reading and catching up here xx Might even start to put more effort into my own blog !! Love you millions xxxx (((HUGS)))

  6. amy! says:

    awww, is right.
    Beautifully written. You’re the nicest Cynthia….with mad- awesome digi skills! Wonderful inspiration! so very cool to take this journey with ya.

  7. Heather Kyle says:

    Cynthia – this looks fabulous – I can’t wait to dive in and look at all of the sites you listed here. I also read your blogs – wonderful reading. You are such an inspiration and I love you so! I miss scrapblog, mixbook just doesn’t even compare. I’m hoping to find some new favorites within the sites you’ve mentioned. Happy creating and blogging, I’ll be your #1 fan! Love and hugs – Heather ^j^

    • Heather my beautiful, I will write and guide as to what you can do….Gotta Pixel is an amaizng place to scrap, you will LOVE it there, we ll talk soon, thanks so much for popping in 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    LOVE your new blog! (But I wouldn’t expect anything less than gorgeous from you!) So glad you described for everyone your journey to the place where you are now! It’s amazing how one thing leads to another, isn’t it? Thank you for your sweet words about me and our relationship. I simply was exposed to you first, my dear. ANYONE would have recognized your talent! 🙂 To be called your friend is precious, and a true honor!


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