A New (gorgeous) Collection & a FREEBIE!!!

I have said many times, I CT for some of the best people in this industry. Each & every one of these women are so talented, each on their particular style, some of them also proven to mix together so well. Amongst these ladies are the girls that make ViVa Artistry , Vivienne & Vanessa. They created a Collection so amazing that released today, that I couldn’t stop myself and went ahead to make 3 pages. I also made an alpha, It made me laugh that a sewing/fashion related kit had no stitches on it (not that I have an obsession with stitches or anything like that…I just…love them LOL) So I made an alpha out of them, and it is FREE for you to grab, I’ll tell you how in a bit, look at these pages made with Clothier , a LOT more than a sewing kit…. Images are linked to the store:

Taylor Made with ViVa Artistry’s Clothier

The Clothier Collection  is absolutely amazing, I linked the images to the full collection but you can see all the different packs in the store…lots of saving with the collection though, and I’n sure you will love all the pieces! Here is another page:

Not Born for Sewing with ViVa Artistry’s Clothier

And the last one for now, a page I made for one of the challenges at Scrapbookgraphics . These page has items from At First Sight , Fantoccini , Mascherari , L’Ete  & also a marvellous Studio Collective the girls made recently: Studio Mix#43- Free Spirit. 

Keeping Up the Colors with Clothier Collection& other kits by ViVa Artistry (see above)

And, as I told you, I have a FREEBIE alpha for you. I made the alpha in the first 2 LOs, and you can collect it at the ViVa’s blog , where you can also read a bit more about Yours Truly….Click on the image to get to the ViVa Artistry’s blog , look at the marvels the girls have there and download the freebie alpha!!!

Clothier Collection Freebie Alpha by MrsPeel

Hope you like it!!! there are also some of the girls fav LOs made by little me 🙂 I was pleased to see some of my favs are theirs too… 🙂 Remember there is still a day to make a page for The Digi Dares  so you can collect your FREEBIE DigiVersary kit! Read more about this in my previous post HERE .  Hope to see your pages tomorrow then!

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The Digi Dares is 6 and we are giving you an amazing present! [mega FREEBIE alert!]

I’m sure you all noticed our absence for the last couple of weeks. Well, amongst other things, we were getting a make over to be all pretty and have a fresh start!!!! The Dares are 6 years old and we want to share our DigiVersary with you!!!! Yes, we have an AMAZING mega FREEBIE KIT for you all, yes, yes, this is apart from your chance, as usual, to win up to $40 in coupons from our marvellous sponsors! There is a tiny little catch to the Freebie though…… you can click on the image or carry on reading….

Dare#321 Celebration!!!

Allison Pennington collab with Jen Barrette: Social Butterfly , candles from Allison’s part of an old MSA collab: Celebrate, Paula Kesselring Designs: Ribbon Rainbow & Over the Rainbow , Karah Fredricks: Scribble Scrabble Funky Swirls . I also used part of the gorgeous DigiVersary FREEBIE kit by the Dares’ Family. Fonts: CentSchbookBT, My Own Topher & Pea Courtney (Fonts for Peas).

So, I guess you want to know how to get the freebie, right? Well, is very simple and so much fun!!! just join us on at least two Dares this month and you will get the DigiVersary kit for FREE! This month, our very own Dare’s designers will be sponsoring, come read all about it at this week’s Dare HERE , lets get the party started!!!!!!

Other news are the most amazing kits released for iNDSD… did you shop much? I have to admit, I gave in on my temptations and got a few gorgeous kits…I really need to go back to scrapping chronologically so I get to use all the stuff I buy LOL, but let me show you the pages I made with my scrapping CT families’s new releases:

From Etc by Danyale, the absolutely gorgeous Military Collection had me wanting to have something to do with the military, but, as usual with Danyale, the kit is so versatile, the pages my team sisters have made are wOw pages, you can have a look at them HERE , and I’m posting as usual all kits linked for you to get there in another window 🙂

2013:Discovering my Roots with Etc by Danyale’s The Military Collection

Also in this page and by Danyale are High School Rulz , Morning Coffee  & also by Danyale on collab with ViVa Artistry: On My Desk. Font is Jane Austen.

From my super dear Paula Kesselring , there are some mind blowing re- releases you may want to go get if you didn’t at the time, but also she has made so many absolutely fabulous NEW releases for the past few weeks, you may want to go have a look at the whole store. Paula has two choices with her Personal STORE HERE  or the OSCRAPS HERE  or clicking the image. She has the Over The Rainbow  new release that is a fav so far, and here is a page I made with the latest packs and a couple of items I bought from Crowabout StudioB  @ Deviant Scrap :

2013: Don’t Let it Explode –

by Paula Kesselring Designs: Paper Collection#3{PU or CU} , Paper Pack#3 {PU or CU}, Painted Art Journal Papers & Transparencies#1{PU or CU} , Flair Box#2 , Typewriter Keys Alpha#1 , Over The Rainbow Collection: Brushes#1Brushes#2 &  Brushes#3 & 2 of her freebies (newsletter & Facebook). Crowabout StudioB: JustGo With It, mini printables & digital . You can read the journaling of this HERE , if interested 🙂

The ViVa Artistry girls have also been very busy with their fabulous talent in every pixel, I reckon I will have to make a post especially dedicated to these super talented girls, I have been enjoying hugely the small changes in my scrapping through their kits…let me show you a couple of pages with the latest releases, I’m linking the image to the store so you can have a good look at all the new kits…well worth spending time there!

2013: Under Control with ViVa Artistry’s kits:

This was a iNDSD Grab Bag , you can buy the pieces: Fantoccini  , Note It Brushes , In Control Word Art , & In A Hurry Alphas . There are many other kits/collections like the fabulous At First Sight  which is a rendition to motherhood in the best possible way and more, and I HAVE to show you this page…is a book cover for one of my printings:

Motherhood: My handwritten diary cover, At First Sight kit & Word Art by ViVa Artistry

I could be here all day showing of as I am so very proud of my teams but life awaits…so I have to show you the last but never ever least last release by another lady growing on her store full of beauties that never fail to get me back to the most beautiful, happy moments of my marriage/motherhood with her kits. Sus Designs  is now exclusively at Scrap Takeout , a really, really nice bunch of people whom I (promise!) need to give a bit more of my [already inexistent LOL] time. One of Sus last releases is an amazing mega kit: ZOOper Day  is one gorgeous and packed full of beauties kit, the animals are so cute I (as usual) wanted to stick them all in one page….but resisted the temptation…and here we are, a page about one of the most beautiful, happiest days of Sarita’s childhood, which I remember well to this day!

1998: Buenos Aires’ Zoo, ZOOper Day by Sus Designs @ Scrap Takeout

The image is linked to the Bundle, but don’t forget to check the rest of her store, she also has an amazing  Mother’s Day Grab Bag , and much more I’m sure you will be delighted.

And with this I will go to get on with trying to be less ill and happier…don’t forget to come by the Digi Dares  to see our fabulous new look and get in the wagon for our celebration! Have a great weekend!!!

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It’s a Mum’s [or Mom’s] World! [and it ain’t easy!]

I had 24 different jobs in my life. None of them was even nearer as difficult, complicated and exhausting as being the mother to a teenager. I have to admit I am quiet lucky she didn’t decide she wanted to do the -teenage rebellion for nothing- thing until almost her 17th birthday a few months ago, but when she did, oh boy …she did. Full on. I have been suffering this and is the worse job ever… and you can’t give up. You can’t resign, not when you have the concept of motherhood I have… 

Teenage Mantra- click image for credits-

Today I started my morning with an absolutely amazing blog post from one of my most favourite writers, Patricia Volonakis Davis ,which you will need to read in order to understand my rumblings here. So, take 5 minutes to read The Little Pink Pill and come back if you wish.

I had mastered the art of  *No Thing*… most of my life was a constant battle because I was one of those saying it, no matter what. I have to say, at this very moment in time, I’m faced with the stress & all complicated feelings that come by educating a 17 years old (whom, of course, thinks she has it all figured out & I’m being -ridulous/silly/a pain in the butt/insert appropriate word here-). I am fully conscious of the fact that some of the extreme difficulty now comes from the inability to do the *No Thing* when she was little, be that because I didn’t want her to hurt, I didn’t think it would hurt or I just didn’t want to hurt myself….

As a matter of fact I have been about to write to Patricia on this issue, and I had to confess I remembered some thoughts I had when I first saw her counsel posts (as in people writing to her for advice, the agony aunt kinda thing) that feeling of “oh I don’t think I would do that” but for one of the very first times in my life, I was lost in a crossroads not knowing which direction to walk to… and faced with the realisation of a hard truth of one of those roads would be evicting your child from your physical life…me, who have spent 20 years criticising the British for doing so…

So back to Patricia and her [as usual] wise words…. do not think it is ever too late to start doing the *No Thing* though,teenage of course, the earlier the start, the better the results. I’m not going to tell you the teenage thing got sorted by the *No Thing* completely, but we are in a better phase now, even though I have to force myself to do the *No Thing* -and all the actions that come attached to it- again & again. Once again too I find myself being grateful to this amazing, wonderful, awesome (love that so North American word!!!! LOL) woman who writes wisely, funny, selfless pieces and whom I have the joy & pride of calling my FRIEND. If you haven’t yet read her blog posts, her books, well, you should. Find her HERE and delight yourself whilst making a new friend, none of my friends who have gotten her books as presents from us has regretted it, neither will you.

Back to my teenage -iknowitall- daughter, I have one little word of caution, as I’m not very good at advice: as a mother, I have learned to trust my intuition. I am friends with my child, and this has allowed me to tune in that perception, and I’m telling you, I have been right 99.9% of the times. I did not like the girl she was hanging around with, and I was right. I allowed her to rip this girl of her life in her own terms, I had to, to have the results I thought I would see. Of course the battle does not end here. And sometimes I am so tired with all the little battles I fight every minute of the day [oh.. just every day stuff of the 21st century like financial hardship, 24/7 pain/not being acknowledge by society, etc, etc, etc] that is too easy to fall into oblivion and forget about the *No Thing*…just, don’t [forget it] I reckon is the most powerful tool for a healthy life and it works out in physics well too: negative attracting the positive. 

Here are some of my pages that this whole situation created:

Imperfect Teen Thing -click image for credits-

Should Know Better -click image for credits-


Once again, thanks Patricia. For reminding us all those things we have in our brain but sometimes are unable to put it into the [so very wise] words the way you do. Once again too, thank you for making us part of your life. And with that I go before I walk into the cheesey style my friends usually laugh about. Oh well.. LOL. Until the next!!!!!


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Time Travel with Music

Here I am again, another absolutely amazing Dare which I am sure each & every one of you guys will LOVE! From Christina’s hand we travel in time with music , such a delightful subject for me (and I guess for every one of us!), I made not one but two pages!!!!

The Digi Dares #320 California Dreamin’

I made the alpha & the papers, Jaque Larsen & Lilje Designs: Love Goes Round: Rounds ; Etc by Danyale: Timeless  & Wish List ; Sweet Digi Scraps: Storybook Romance  & I’m Liking it (FB freebie) ; Pink Reptile Designs: Musings  & Bloopers  collab with Studio 68; Paula Kesselring Designs: Speech  & Retro Sweets ; Little Butterfly Wings: After the Rain ; ViVa Artistry: Fairy Tale , 1776  , About Him Cherish ; EnKay: A Fresh Start ; Lisa Sisneros : Candy Pop (couldn’t find a store for her, shame, I love her stuff!). Font: Quickhand.

Journaling reads: It was summer of 1966, I was about to have the last operation of my childhood  (I was 8 years old & had already have 8 of them) Every time I had to go for the blood tests before ops, my grandma would sooth the situation by giving me records as a present, I had lots of them & loved playing them and try singing along That year she gave me Mamas & the Papas & I would listen to California Dreaming tirelessly, & since, even to these days, hearing the song transports me to that day in my childhood, next to the long piece of furniture in our living room which housed the record player, and I can see myself dancing in front of the mirror and have the mixed feelings of knowing I was going to have yet another operation the morning after and how much I dreamed of going to the USA to meet all the talented people I wanted to grow up to be like

Though I imagine most of you know well the song, here is a beautiful clip to it 

DigiDare #320

Ready Set Go by Julianna Kneipp , Music by Paula Kesselring Designs . Used the L from ViVa Artistry’s super sized Monogrammed Alpha  to clip one of the Music kit’s paper, the rest I made (also with Music’s papers) journaling font: soul handwriting free version from the Fonts Cafe .

journaling reads: isn’t it tragicomedy ironic that a song called London London beams me up to Rio’s mid 80’s & floats me through the memories of one particular year…? The fact that I ended up in London is funny, things have changed though: policemen do not try so much to please us as they did in Caetano’s times, I now call it home….whilst my eyes…. go looking for flying saucers in the sky….

Song: London, London by Caetano Veloso. He is one of greatest Brazilian musicien, he was exiled during the 60s, and wrote & recorded this song in English when he lived in London (exiled) Brazil had it even worse than Argentina with dictatorship,we had 21 years of it, Here is a link for the song  which is beautiful, the lyrics are in tittles during the clip:

Such and amazing Dare, you should come play with us!!!! Remember you have the chance to win up to $40 in coupons for our fantastic sponsors stores! Every Dare picks one winner who will win 4 $10 coupons for each of our sponsors stores, and one random winner who wins $10 coupon for the sponsor featured the Dare’s week. You can read and look up the stores of our amazing sponsors in my previous post HERE. To participate in the Dares, you don’t need to use any designer in particular, can use whatever you choose from your stash, just follow the Dare Flair and let your creativity run free! I’m always delighted seeing the diversity and talent that comes out of each Dare, come join us , you have until next Thursday, 25th of April at 10:00pm EST to post a link to your page in our Dare comments section, check this amazing Dare by Christina for this week HERE 

Regarding the everyday life of mine…. I’m so pleased the scrapping side of it is going well & has given me so many amazing friends, supporting in all matters, because let me tell you… being a teenager’s mum is NOT easy. As if we did not have enough to deal with, our fridge freezer broke down after 8 years (which I got to know is the actual estimated life of  these appliances, which made me feel a little bit better about it!) and that also made me wish for those times in which we would choose a store we trusted, walk in, explain what we wanted, the sales attendant (in most cases very nice) will show you the possibilities which wouldn’t be more than 5 or 6 we asked a few questions, picked the one, payed (usually in cash… you know, those old bits of papers with some figures in it we usually did not know the identity) and walked out, sometimes with the actual appliance if not with us, following very close by. Well, it turns out that the world has changed in such a huge way with technology, choosing the right one was a 5 days task, including me subscribing to a trial of Which that ended up proving useless and only confusing me even more & freezing my browser as I had so many windows opened at one time.

We choose independently of Which’s reviews, though they are very good ones, I wish now I had not read them as I now know a lot of stuff about the makings of the quality of the appliance which are not present in outside Which’s reviews (like the appliance can be harmed by your kitchen fluctuating temperatures) . Is not like I wasn’t willing to spend money, I would have stretched to £400 and even £500 but not one of the appliances listed in the Best Buys or even in their normal reviews of fridges that did not make the Best Buys was available for us to buy (the only one we found was in black, and with the size of our kitchen it would have looked like a coffin so no-no) The rest were models that are not available, maybe some letters change in the models but obviously the whole appliance specifications change quit a bit too. This maybe due to the fact that most reviews were from 2012, anyway… as I said, it froze my browser and I reckon even part of my brain for a few hours! LOL I am quiet happy with what we finally bought: A Hotpoint that has all specifications we wanted but the warning light, was well under the price we were willing to pay -£322- free delivery & collection of your old appliance included (where most places charge an average £15 for delivery & £10 for the collection) from good ol’ Curry’s online . Plus through Nectar  which added a good feel as they are on double points this week. Yes. Happy.

So, part of the stress relieved, after this weekend I’m facing a multitude of medical appointments &, hopefully, a warmer weather meaning a better me, I will be able to actually relax and have a good night sleep 🙂 Until the next one, hope to see you at the Dares!!!

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Last day tomorrow!!!

Another Digi Dare week is going to finish, and we want you to come share the fun with us!!!! This week, by the hand of our amazing Dalis, we want you to tell us about emotions…and whom, of all of us keepers of memories does not want to scrap about emotions? The dead line is tomorrow 18th of April, 10:00pm (EST) to bring us your wonderful pages. You can win up to US $40 in coupons for our sponsors! Here is my page for this wee, Digi Dare #319:

Digi Dare #319

Credits for the stuff used in my page: cd muckosky blessedbeyond belief, allison pennington cliff notes lovey dovey edition, cherish the every day MSA, collab paula- tracy martin val brown, CreateWings Designs Enjoy Life, damayanti hacuna matata, g miller foxy, j kneipp a slice of the good life & berry sweet, lbw dear diary elements, sbasic & kwiniecki sunkissed, life is a journey studio mix 40 @ SBGraphics, vwibbens sweet tooth, dawn by designs personally, t monette embroidery

Our sponsors this month are AMAZING!!!!! Featured this week are the super talented girls that form the great ViVa Artistry  , this month together with Lauren Grier , Clever Monkey Graphics by Tracey Monette , & Juliana Kneipp …wouldn’t you love to win coupons from these amazingly creative ladies? I’m sure you would 🙂 So, come on over to the Digi Dares HERE , read about the musts, you can create with whatever kits/designers you prefer, just follow the Dare Flair, post your page in the gallery of your preference, and post a link in the comments of this week’s dare…presto! We will be choosing one picked, one random winner and let you all know on Friday…c’mon, have fun with us!!!!! We are waiting for you HERE!!!!!! 

I will be back soon with the dramas of being parent to a teenager! See you at the Dares!!!!

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Raindrops on Roses…….

…and whiskers on kittens … big copper kettles and warm woolen mittens … brown paper packages tied up with string … THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. And today is one of my favourite Dares!!!! Yes! Happy Friday  & again we at The Digi Dares have a super amazing Dare by our Darer Jill, & anything that quotes The Sound Of Music has to be my favourite! Congratulations to the this week’s winners mrshobbes & nessita, & here is what I came up with:

DigiDares#318: We Love the Taste of the {ORIeNT} Express!

Click in the kit name to get to the shops: By ViVa Artistry: Ureshi, Maiko & Bollywood Dreams . By Lauren Grier: NomNom Gimme Some, La La La, I like You, Rainbow Joy & Camera Shy. By CD Muckosky Free Spirit alpha & by Jen Barrette Chasing Rainbows alpha. Journaling Font  is SF Chantel

So, as you can see, Oriental food is our most favorite: for Take away (or Take Out?) it has to be Chinese as it is also cheaper, but going out, our most favorite place is Yo Sushi…we love it so much, the managers know us and we get to have a great time! I also, as I said, LOVE this Dare, so I made two pages…

DigiDares#318: We Go Mental with {OriENTaL}!

again, click in the kit’s name to get to the shops:

by Lauren Grier: LaLaLa & Non Nom Gimme Some- 
by ViVa Artistry: Tough Love, University Drive Paint & Le Reve Paint
Title font Pea Missing You, journaling font AJF Mock Turtle by Tangie Baxter

I hope I was able to temot ypu to come play with us! Remember you have the chance to win up to $40 in our Sponsors goodies!!! There are some amazing pages by the girls to get you inspired, so vist us at The Digi Dares for some fun.. look forward to seeing your pages!!!!!!

I have some more designers news, but will have to wait until tomorrow..why? My little (not so little now at 17!!! LOL) girl is premiering tonight with Evita, and I need to get over all my health issues to get to the theatre…promise to come back tell you all about it!



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We Digi Dare you!!!!!! [and some long due update!]

I am ecstatic, excited, happy without a word to describe the dimension. Why? Well, when I won the DigiDares for the second time (first was in 2011) with this LO about my super love for musical theatre, I saw the ad for the Darers Creative Team…I thought it would be a dream to be part of that team. Encouraged by my friends, I applied, but seeing the talent that was applying, I honestly did not think I stood a chance. Well, as it goes, and to my overwhelming happiness, I was wrong. And oh so happy to be wrong! I received an email from gorgeous, super kind Karah, the mother hen of all Darers (you should check her store HERE, not only is she a wonderful woman, but she also rocks the design!) She was inviting me into the team (you can see the announcement HERE if you scroll down a bit) and I couldn’t believe my eyes…so I have been a Darer for almost a month, getting to know some of the most talented scrappers in digi land and having the time of my life (oh no, now I’ll be singing that song in my mind for the next 48 hs LOL) but let me show you this week’s Dare, an amazing one!!!!! click the image to get there, read about the Dare and get the credits for my page:

you can see my old lifted page at the Dares! click on the image to get there.

Dare #317 Scrap-lift Yourself!

Come & join us in this super fun Dare, for the chance to win up to $40 in our sponsor’s goodies!!!!  Congratulations to last week winners!!!!

As if being part of the DigiDares CT wasn’t enough reason to be jumping of joy, another amazing punch of happiness also Dares related. I was featured on the 27th in the GSO blog with my page for last week’s Dare, image is linked to the GSO blog, you can get the full, linked credits at my MSA Gallery HERE

Make my Dreams Come True!

DigiDares #316 Super Powers!

There is even more to my digiscrapping happiness, is as if The Old Guy, The Forces That Run The Universe, God, Allah, Jehovah, The Goddess [insertthe wordofyourchoicehere] whatever you want to call is taking some pity on my sufferings with my very poor health and the newly (and as much suffered too LOL) acquired status as a proper mother of a teenager, and is giving me a lot of happiness in my creative outlet with my love, (addiction? obsession? LOL) for digital scrapbooking, as wonderful things are flowing in that side of life.  I have been playing challenges, something I didn’t quiet pay much attention in the past, and getting not only some awesome recognition but also some amazing coupons for the stores. I have been called by people I admire hugely to make pages to be the inspiration for some challenges, and some absolutely amazing prize I just won, at a store where I’m not sure why I had never posted before Paula Kesselring brought me in when opening her store this month, as some of my most loved designers have stores there, am talking about Oscraps.

Our coming into the site happened as they were celebrating the O’s 7th birthday, they seemed so happy and welcoming, and I had already many kits bought there apart from Paula’s , that I went in full on with the celebrations, which were a blast! I had some of my pages taken to the Standing O’s, one of them was Customer Spotlight in their newsletter:(image is linked for credits)

7 Wonders of My Life at Oscraps

Then I got some other coupons, and finally, to top it all with some more ego stroking… I won a month as a guest on their Creative Team…wOw!!!!  I’m looking forward to a fun time, and will try my very best to keep up here, though I don’t like to make promises, it is always a good thing for myself to keep posting, the way my memory is at the moment… even for my own records. I have also lots of pages I would like to share made with my other amazing CT families, so I guess I just need to get organised, lets hope it happens.

On the general look of every day events, my  beloved daughter has turned 17, and all those tales about teenagers, rebellion without cause, mumyouaresuchapain kinda thing? ALL true. Yup. I didn’t think it would happen to me, honest, not only we are (were? LOL) friends and have a good communication, but also she kept telling me how her friends thought I was the coolest & called me a *Don* (apparently a high compliment this days)… but yes, it is happening. I’m taking the words of some of the people I love and taking it easy, trying to understand things from her point of view, think about how I was much, much worse at her age, not think that I didn’t have me as a mum LOL (my mum is great, but she wasn’t very supportive at the time…I know why now) and praying. Yup, lots of praying for this to happen fast, the teenage years…

On the health side of life, I don’t even want to start, because it only makes me even more stressed, gets me in even more pain (is that possible?) & frustration gives way to panic attacks & we don’t want that, plus you don’t want me moaning about how the political greed & stupidity of this world affects me… so I keep basking on my art (you can call it craft if you want, to me, is more than art, and certainly fills my heart with joy), the beautiful people I have around me through this art, and taking one day at the time, with faith & hope, my sometimes evasive sisters 🙂

Here are some of the products of all of the above, with the aid of the super gorgeous & newly released products from my amazing, super talented designers (yup, they are ALL MINE!!! LOL) From ViVa Artistry: The Bard Collection:

2013: Troublesome ViVa Artistry’s The Bard Collection

These girls are so so talented, they keep surprising us with the most amazing creations, & this isn’t an exception. Even if you are not a Shakespearian, this collection has so much to offer for each & everyone, it is so worth having it! the image is linked to the Collection, but you can see all the pieces in separate packs (and buy them also if you so prefer) They also have released some of the most amazing alphas (I’m crazy about those!) so, do HAVE A LOOK AT their SCRAPBOOKGRAPHICS STORE HERE 

From Etc by Danyale: Almost Spring

2013: White Easter? Almost Spring by Etc by Danyale.

You may want to seriously have a look at DANYALE’s STORE at TDC as the offers are un-missable. When you buy Almost Spring this weekend, you get this AWESOME TYS Journal Set set , no need to add it to the cart, it will be in the zip if you buy this weekend, after the weekend it has a separate download & price. Not only that but she also has the great Subscriber Access Pass- April/June  .You get ALL her new release for that quarter for an amazing price!!!

super subscriber pass offer by Etc by Danyale

Last but never ever least, from Paula Kesselring Designs: Too Much Damage {Elements} &  Too Much Damage {Papers} 

2010 Too Much Damage Elements & Papers by Paula Kesselring Designs

Have a look at Paula’s whole STORE AT THE O HERE , she has some amazing products at some super prices, I’m sure you will enjoy the visit.

If you make pages with any of these awesome designers’ products, come leave me a link to your page…you never know when the RAK Fairy maybe around 🙂 Thanks so much to all my friends (scrappers and non scrappers who also take an interest), my designers, the designers I am a customer of, who keep me smiling (and my ego way up there LOL) all over digi land & in Facebook… you know you are one huge reason I keep fighting 🙂 Until the next then!

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